Easy Fence a Division of OutFront Portable Solutions


OutFront Portable Solutions security fencing is a high quality, portable security fence panel system that can be quickly set up to create a stable and secure enclosure or temporary fence barrier.

Security fence panels may be assembled in a variety of configurations, easily taken down & stored. The fence panels, hardware and accessories are hot dipped galvanized steel, designed to last for years. It's sleek design, and unique, space saving steel support base, (originaly developed byAll Cover Portable Systems) provides necessary stability for all surfaces.

This unique design gives your fenced compound a distinct and attractive appearance, while offering security. Easy Fence security fencing is ideal for seasonal garden centres; construction sites; outdoor special events; crowd control; etc.

Our temporary fence systems are available to purchase or to rent.

Our security fence panels are manufactured from hard drawn wire that is resistance welded at every intersection. When combined with small mesh apertures the use of conventional hand tools to cut through is very difficult when vandalism or any type of interference is attempted. The mesh apertures in our security fence panels are also too small for climbers to gain a foothold.

OutFront Portable Solutions security fencing and gates are maintenance-free throughout a normal life. Made entirely from hot-dip galvanized steel, also available with an additional durable powder coatings.

Please inquire for more information on all your security fencing needs